All Skills About Body Feints in FIFA 17

  • most reliable place to buy fifa coins You can learn all various skills about body feints in FIFA 17 from this article. To kill out your opponent easily, you can spend time watching this tutorial and practice these skills.
    This skill is 2-star. It means that all of your players can make it except your goalkeeper. Even your defenders can do it as well, since there are so many variations of this skill. Just have a look at the above tutorial.
    Firstly, you can just double tap the right-analogue stick to the controlled player’s side to activate the body feint. After activating, you can select the direction you want to exit and there are s many choices.
    There are two versions of this skill. One is cut inside, which is diagonally existing backwards to the way that you are not shooting. The other one is to activate the body feint without moving the left-stick actually, which is called as fake body feint and you can take advantage of this skill even in world-class matches.
    You can also use it offline in Career Mode. Maybe it is very hard to pull off, since it seems complicated. While once you get it, you will love it, because it can help you win a lot of games. safest place to buy fut coins online