Barca official announce sign up Brazil’s center-half

  • Local time on June 14, fifa coins the Spanish giants Barcelona announced on its official website, will be in this summer to activate the Brazilian Zhongwei Malone lease contract in the buyout clause, Barcelona to the young Zhongwei to provide a three-year contract.

    Before the start of the season, only 20-year-old Malone - Santos in the form of a lease to join Barcelona, the once played in Flumen Nisse Brazil Tie Wei in the Brazilian track has a good performance. After arriving in Barcelona, Malone played for the Barcelona B team, height 1 meter 82 Brazilian defender in Barcelona a season performed very well, on behalf of Barcelona B played 24 games, and help the team get the first group name.
    After the Barcelona B team to gain a foothold, Malone has repeatedly been Enric to the first team to participate in training. In the last season, the Champions League against the Celtics in the game, Malone ushered in his Champions League debut. In addition, in the last two rounds of last season's La Liga, Malone are starting to play, and played the audience. It was because of the impressive performance in Barcelona, in this summer's transfer window, Barcelona activated the Malone lease contract in the buyout clause. Ultimately, the Brazilian Zhongwei officially joined Barcelona.
    According to media reports earlier, Malone's transfer fee is likely to be 5 million euros. Next season, Malone or will be promoted to the Barcelona team, as Pick and Umiti's bench, in the case of Barcelona multi-line operations, Malone may become the important role of the players in the Barcelona team. Perhaps after a period of experience, the young defender will become a world-class player. fifa 17 coins