Pepe is going to join Paris

  • Pepe and Real Madrid's contract will expire at the end of this month, after winning the Champions League this season, Pei Pei issued a moving statement to inform their own leave. According to Aspen, the whole market and many other media reports, Pepe and Paris transfer near the end, he and Paris Saint-Germain signed a two-year contract.

    Since joining Real Madrid in 2007, Pepe has been working for the Galacticos for ten years. During this decade Pepe's performance in the field has been playing a very high standard, he and Ramos composed of the median line was one of Europe's strongest defense portfolio. In Pepe play game, Real Madrid's winning percentage as high as 70%.

    Experience is the place where Paris is most valued. fifa coins In addition to Tiago - Silva and Malcolian, born in 95 of the Golden Pompeii is the third defender of Paris, the excellent works of the Paris youth training by Paris as the future defense reserve, and the level of top experience Rich and retired Pepe will be the last two years of Paris, the backbone of the defense.

    Paris Saint-Germain team only three Zhongwei, for the need for four-line operations (France, Champions League, League Cup, the French Cup) is not enough Paris. Last season, Barcelona reversal of the game in the defense staff tired of the shortcomings exposed. Pepe's arrival meets Paris's desire for defender.

    Has been squeezed into the bench of Pépee has long been lost in the position of Real Madrid, he has repeatedly expressed to Zidane his first appeal, no renewal is mainly due to the failure to get the first guarantee. Next year's World Cup in Russia will be most likely Pepe last World Cup, Pepe next season will not want to take the bench. And Pepe and Paris negotiations during the Champions League has been carried out, Capello had an interview broke up: "Pepe will be one hundred percent to join Paris, in Cardiff when their negotiations have to be completed."

    Transfer to Paris for both sides will be a win-win result, fifa coins zone Pepe wants the main position, Paris eager to win the Champions League. The only unhappy is Kim Pompeii, the end of last year and Paris Saint Germain renewed to 2021 he was very worried about their position. He had long wanted to be able to play the first episode, and Pepe's arrival undoubtedly let him lose hope. Last year's renewal of the storm is because the main position has been shelved. The final big Paris for its substantial increase in the salary of the teenager.