My grandfather to aid take care from the supermarket through th

  • Grandfather he wants to smoke, and also with the smoke gun, add smoke inside, and after that lit, smoke filled, especially choking, my grandfather's impression is often a word "good", all of my requirements he is able to meet, that When my grandfather remains driving a supermarket, though the supermarket which sell some elementary home and daily necessities, the most famous snacks aren't many students, up to and including little soft ice cream and lollipop, so I often give money to my grandfather, Let me see a school close to the small shop to get snacks to enjoy, this time the price is very low, a pack of spicy really need a dime, and my grandfather gives me 3 dollars, the excess money will i want to Keep your own, along with tell others, including my parents.

    So at that point, I was inside the legend in the local tyrants, they frequently can only depend on a week to build up the pocket money occasionally obtain a snack, and I can find every day, avoid heavy, toys etc there are a pile of Plus my grandfather house is to open the supermarket, however the snack will not be much, but nevertheless a little, toys and so on, over the purchase, buy some beer, milk and stuff like that, will be sending some toys, so I Is our school famous toy approximately people.

    But my grandfather's supermarket, while using transfer to dad, slowly begun to decline, and my little aunt also where we opened a supermarket, working day by day, that point my dad isn't matter these, everyday is Everywhere to experience cards, my grandfather to help you take care on the supermarket in the evening is my grandfather to stay within the supermarket to find out the store, that the home is very broken, because it can be a wooden structure, with all the passage of your time slowly corrosion, dad has not been renovated, My grandparents survived a very long time of family property, with several children have already been married and still have children, slowly also left much, really the only supermarket plus the house also inherited my pops.

    Grandfather prefer to drink, plus a drink about the drunk, my pops should be inherited grandfather it, every grandfather to drink hi wine, returned drunk mess, for the reason that supermarket's old, are only able to sleep somebody, so might be my grandfather stay Look at the shop, tomorrow my grandmother and my pops also specifically asked my grandfather, if you wish to get up through the night, then stand it front in the door, because the home next to a nicely, repair is incredibly short, inside water No one with, very dirty, wellhead height of lower than 50 cm, so through the night is very dangerous, often suggested how the closure, even so the government may be ignored, your day grandfather as a consequence of more drunk, early sleep, we also their unique Went to bed, and sleep late in the evening, suddenly heard screams: "Some people out with the mine!" Our family one after the other from the sleep awakened, I quickly climbed around see, but was My mother stopped and said: "I can not visit the balcony, watching them busy just to save people, inside heart Prayer, try not to be grandfather out on the mine to travel, and later on my father made a comeback, out from the hole could be the grandfather, usually think of urine, after having a good urine, ready to visit back to sleep inside well to determine the door with the reflection Thought it was a door, so a planted with it, no longer able to stand up, is discovered when the time is late.
    Because with this accident, the us government finally accepted seal, nevertheless for my family, things are all late.

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