Opened a supermarket as part of his hometown a company model

  • I came to be in Jiangxi Province, an online mountain village south in the village of ordinary families, came to be in October 10, 1993, parents are farmers, is guarding the hometown associated with an acre of land, my grandparents was our then Side with the leading figure, since they're in the opposite people inside the farm if the choice of business, opened a supermarket in their hometown, an enterprise model, during that era, your family is still perfectly.

    Into the South source Township will need to wait through a winding hovering mountain road, mountain road below the river, as well as the road can be quite narrow, Kankan only after two cars, for that novice driver is quite challenging, Nan Yuan Town, just one main road, Past vehicles will need to go through, around the left side from the road could be the teacher building, the right will be the South source secondary school, which is, my alma mater, South source school is behind the South source primary school, now has merged while using South source school, All kinds of shops, barber shop, small shops, breakfast shops, clothing stores, Internet cafes, hospitals, etc., inside South source secondary school near to a branch road, a web link to the South source primary school, additional end is residential. Along the main path to the bottom, started have three branches, within the intersection from the location is my grandfather supermarket location, a branch for the farms, from the residential area we called Ho, a grain, grain Bureau near to the neighborhood known as the soup home, there exists a to the house, our family that bit of residential area is inside the middle on the Tang family and Zhou Jia, along this branch continues to be about 5 minutes to achieve Outside a village, that has a small village, I Jiazu property is located, south source village, has now been a hearth destroyed.

    Simply works extremely well as a square, the principle road is inside middle with the square, the key road about the left is Zhou home, the shop plus my children that residential area, the right will be the school, a medical facility with Ho get, in front in the grain Bureau of soup home, the rear could be the road, in the middle of mountains.
    I am the eldest son of my loved ones, my dad has a sister, a brother and sister, the equivalent from the eldest son, no accident, then possible until he inherited my grandfather's family property, my mother could be the youngest, there's 2 Brother and also a brother, my grandfather is definitely an traditional person, the ancestors in the warlord family, even so the Kuomintang warlords, therefore the Communist Party may be prejudiced, has become reluctant to participate the party, leading to lifelong achievements will eradicate at the grain of the ordinary Staff, plus some of his friends, because very early to sign up the party, the best achievements reached the county public security bureau chief, and in their world view, how the woman about the husband and wife, should never learn knowledge, my few uncle spent my youth Do not wish to learn, but my mother is incredibly much would like to go to school, but my grandfather has never let, so my mother grew up about the characters are not aware of one, and today also have to hate my grandfather. And pay attention to my mother that I ought to have aunt, however in my mom in the event the small, because my aunt did not focus on my grandfather, then was hit, however the shot too much, unexpectedly missed my aunt to death , As my mother for my grandfather has left a shadow. But my grandfather body continues to be bad inside my impression, in contrast to when I was very young due to suffering pain, suffering, and lastly committed suicide.

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