He didn't know right now Qin Qing's face has thrown a flush

  • That day, and since usual, facing sunshine, the 2 main walked together, near to Yao Lihe. Halfway, Yao Lihe suddenly asked: "Yang Zi, a person like Qin Qing pull?"
    "Yang!" Yang Su was surprised, he was without any psychological preparation.
    "You hate me, right?" Qin Qing tilted his head, smiling to Yang Su asked.
    Yang Su didn't have any answer, he wouldn't like tips on how to answer her.
    The following day after school, or three. Walking, Yang Su suddenly thought to Qin Qing: "Qin Qing, after this you repeat this problem again yesterday." Qin Qing first some ignorant, and after that smile up. Her hands will not in the waist, after which, naughty asked:
    "You hate me, right?"
    Yang Su smiled, he shook his head, eyes looking at Qin Qing, and after that said the sentence: "No! I love you!" Finished, Yang Su's distinctive line of sight from Qin Qing's face away. In fact, he would not know, right now Qin Qing's face has thrown a flush. Behind, Yao Li Dutch lowered his head, eyes look a lttle bit sluggish.
    Back home, Yang Su also immersed inside the infinite joy. Suddenly, the product has a new message, good news from Yao Lihe: "Yang Su, I like you!"

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