Two basic knowledge about Elder Scrolls Online

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    Here Two basic knowledge about Elder Scrolls On the internet
    You can re-allocate your skill points by visiting a Shrine of Stendarr in a capital city and paying a cost in  ESO Gold. Try out something new!
    Morphing a skill requires you to spend a skill point.
    You’ll gain experience in a skill line when you have its abilities on your shortcut bar.
    Grouping as well as Guilds
    To find other players to join you, open the group menu with “P” and use the tools to form a group. You can also leave a group from this menu.
    When you reach level 12, you can take on tough bosses and earn great loot with three other players in your first group dungeon.
    If you have a lot of fun with someone, add them to your friends list (press “O”). You might even want to join their guild or create one of your own!
    You can join up to five guilds. You’ll have access to each guild’s store and also chat, so expand your circle of friends as much as you like. Use the commands /g1, /g2, and so on to talk with your guilds.
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