Bounty Hunter Returns | Gemstone Golem & Rune Ethereal Outfits

  • Hardcore PvP returns to RuneScape - that's right, Fugitive hunter is back, and it's bigger, better-balanced and more rewarding than ever.
    Also this week, two much sought-after elite skilling outfits - gemstone golem and rune ethereal - have been made available through regular skill training.
    Bounty Hunter Returns
    To get started, hop onto a dedicated EoC or Legacy Fugitive hunter world, where you'll be able to access only Edgeville and the Wilderness.
    There, you'll be assigned a bounty target: an opponent matched to your level of PKing skill with a newly introduced Elo rating system. After five initial placing matches, you'll find that each target presents a challenge tailor-made to you.
    Hunt down your mark and take them out for a chance to earn the bounty emblem. Risk it and go after another target - potentially upgrading it further to increase its value - or cash it out for bounty points.
    But beware. Your opponent will be trying to do the same. Plus, you'll need to watch your back with regard to roaming PKers seeking to kill non-targets in downtime between bounties (known as 'rogue killing')!
    Trade your points in with Mandrith in Edgeville for any some truly awesome stuff, including brawling gloves, upgrades your own ancient armour sets, an amulet that adds an extra effect to Barrows armour, level 87 weapons based on the Crucible weaponry - along with their devastating special attacks. Most of Bounty Hunter's rewards are tradeable too, so PKing can mean healthy profits to get a skilled killer.
    Upping your rating not only pitches you against tougher opponents, but also unlocks ever-more impressive looks for the revenant pet available in the reward shop - imp, goblin, icefiend and pyrefiend. Keep an eye out for more revenant variants in the future, as well!
    Have fun, and we'll see you RS Gold for Sale in the Wildy!