Have a chat with the fanged fella by the Burthorpe lodestone to

  • Customer care Week - Degree Up Your Account Protection & Earn Benefits
    It’s Customer Support Full week! From now till 23: 59 UTC on 9th March there will be loads happening both in game as well as offline. Join in the enjoyment to find out how to very easily secure your bank account and pick up excellent rewards in the process -- you might even succeed 12 months of a regular membership!
    Celebrate the start of the actual week with a live on the net today - third of October in 17: 00 UTC - on the RuneScape Twitch channel where one can also play the themed version from the Drop.
    Here are the very best things you can do this week to obtain the most out of staying protected:
    Meet Count Look at - clue scrolls & reward cases
    The in-game centre of Customer Support 1 week is a new personality called Count Take a look at. Have a chat with the fanged fella by the Burthorpe lodestone to find out exactly how secure your profile is.
    Receive a totally free XP lamp for the troubles and go back to him every day throughout the week to pick up a brand new clue scroll. Every clue scroll will certainly test your skills towards the max, but also features a twist. Upon finishing a clue you will receive two reward caskets - 1 opens with ease, another is locked. Just the adventurers most abundant in secure accounts may unlock this 2nd casket. Do so through enabling a financial institution PIN and triggering the Authenticator.
    A few total of 7 clue scrolls, which means you can get up to fourteen awesome caskets in case your account is as safeguarded as it can be.
    Please note that will free players is going to be only be able to accessibility free-to-play items through Easy clue slide drop tables. People can receive benefits from Easy, Moderate or Hard idea scroll drop dining tables, with rewards in which scale at greater total skill levels.
    Do not worry if you miss each day - you can return to Count Test any day during the 7 days to claim any scrolls you’ve missed. After that you can complete each one when you like.
    Count Determine will leave Burthorpe lodestone for a brand new location from twenty three: 59 UTC upon Sunday 9th August. He will still be accessible to talk to about bill security and will provide you with an XP light if you didn’t take a look at it during Customer Support Weeks time. However , he will not possible be giving any RS Gold for Sale skipped clue scrolls at this stage.