Cosplayers who want to enter the cosplay Glowing Gnomes

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    RuneFest of sixteen - Golden Disposition Updates
    Cosplay Levels of competition Registration
    Cosplayers who want to enter the cosplay Glowing Gnomes, take pay attention to!
    To enter the player-judged cosplay, it’s now time to email goldengnomeawards@jagex. com with the next information:
    o Genuine Name
    o RuneScape Display Name
    u How long have you been cosplaying?
    o Who/What most likely cosplaying as?
    instances What is the inspiration at the rear of your cosplay?
    o Attached progress images of your cosplay along with dates/descriptions
    (Please response all questions for your admittance to count. )
    Entries should be published no later compared to the 11th of Oct. More information will be provided for entrants in the few days run up to RuneFest, so make sure you send out your entry from an email you can entry while travelling.
    Participants who are entering as being a group should be aware that individuals expect that party to be a relevant in-game group - not just a random set of RuneScape related costumes.
    In case you have any further questions concerning entering, see Mod Kalaya’s forum twine. Remember to check if any person has already asked your personal question in the responds, or feel free to inquire something if you rarely see it.
    If you could like to remind oneself of the rules on this year’s cosplay levels of competition, please see the authentic forum thread.
    Opt for the winner regarding best RS in addition to OSRS streamer plus video maker
    I want to thank responding to our necessitate nominations. It’s the time to cast your individual votes for the best RuneScape and Old School RuneScape video maker and even streamer categories. Check out Mod Kalaya’s community forum thread for backlinks to the RS 2007 Gold voting web pages!