Enrage and Reward System

  • Prevail, and you’ll be presented with a reward wheel loaded with your potential rewards. At this point you can spin the wheel, take your hard-won rewards and leave. Alternatively, you can risk it all and face Telos again at a higher difficulty (enrage) level for the chance of even better rewards.
    Remember - if you die at any point during a Telos fight, or teleport away while the fight is in progress, you will lose all of your rewards and reset your own kill count.
    You will be able to bank and resupply after each successful Telos kill. You will even be able to log out or play other RuneScape content as your Telos progress will be saved until you return to his arena. However , you must eventually decide whether you have the skill and resources for another run or whether or not you’re best off taking your current level of prizes and moving on!
    You can collect your benefits at any stage by returning to the outside of Telos’s arena and interacting with the font. Additionally , the enrage degree of Telos is yours to set as you see fit, up to the highest level that you have been able to reach.
    We’ll be hosting intrepid adventurers taking on Telos all of today (Monday 27th June) via our Twitch account. Make sure you tune in for expert tips, advice, and (of course) death.
    Enjoy taking on Telos and immortalise yourself as the sell runescape gold ultimate boss slayer!