and Fantastic Five for the 1st Location Tiebreaker

  • The last game of the day had been played on Dust 2, making D2 the most played chart along with Train with regard to Day 1 of the tournament. Fnatic took the pistol round and turned their business lead into a 7-3 quickly, but FaZe surely could respond to it and turned the half in their favor 7: 8 by winning five consecutive units towards the end of the first half. When the second half began, FaZe secured their own lead by taking the pistol round and the two rounds that followed it. FaZe was able to continue taking lead bring the rating to a 9: thirteen. Fnatic was able to secure some rounds after a tactical pause however that didn’t avoid Faze from taking their match point and winning their own first game of the tournament 14: 16.

    We finally have the twelve teams which will be flying to Seattle to join OG, Fluid, Newbee and LGD Gaming, MVP Tempe and Navi for the most anticipated Dota 2 tournament of the year, The International 2016. While just eight teams from those 12 received an invitation, 4 teams will be going to Seattle to fight it off during the last two spots for the tournament in the Wild-Card round. The 8 teams that will be becoming a member of the previously invited teams are the champions of the Main Qualifiers that took place 06 25th to 29th for each region (America, China, Europe and Southeast Asia). The International is the biggest tournament for Dota 2 and in previous occasions broke the record for the biggest Prize Pool Profit Esports history.

    The American Qualifiers had been packed with action and team Evil Geniuses ended up graving the first qualifier spot after an almost flawless overall performance (only dropping 1 game to complexness Gaming). The males in blue caused it to be to the Main Qualifiers after beating all their opponents in the Open Qualfiers. As we mentioned in a previous post, EG and Team Key had to play on the Open Qualifiers due to a change in their roster after the roster lock deadline. The second qualifier spot for the United states region went to Digital Chaos, leaving complexness Gaming with the third place for that region and a chance to fight for the last spot within the Wild-Card round which will be played in Seattle among the teams that placed third within each region.Csgo skins for sale Chinese Qualifiers

    China’s very first qualifier spot visited Wings Gaming after beating EHOME on the 1st place tiebreaker. Vici Gaming Reborn took the second ask for their region after beating EHOME on the Playoffs. Vici will go to Seattle however will need to battle it on the Wild-Card round for an invite. European countries was expected to be the best qualifier region thanks to the strong competition displayed through the European teams. Group Secret took the first invite, Secret climbed all the way from the Open up Qualifiers and guaranteed the first invite after beating Escape Video gaming and Fantastic Five for the 1st Location Tiebreaker. Alliance required the second invite after three intense games against Escape Video gaming,Buy csgo skins with paypal leaving with an ask for TI and Escape with a Wild-Card invitation. For those not familiar with Escape Gaming, it’s an European group formed byAdrian “Era” Kryezui, ax “qojqva” Broecke, Troels “syndereN” Nielsen, Yazied “YapzOr” Jaradat and Maurice “KheZu” GutmannThe Southeast Asian qualifier surprised