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  • With years of experience leading sales for swimwear, Chuck believed he knew the industry well enough to take it on head first. What he hadn't prepared for, however, was the disconnect between his aesthetic point of view and that wholesale swimwear ,
     of SWIM's middle-aged female demographic. Chuck's designs, which he based off of visits to high-end retailers -- visits he billed as "research" -- just weren't a hit with customers. What's more, these patterns and styles were simply out of date since they were modeled on swimwear designs that were already on the market.
    And so that’s exactly what we did. With the help of MATI we found a manufacturer, a pattern maker, and wholesale fabric locations. My friend, an artist, helped me draw our first designs and compose a logo. I learned how to network, set up a website, and manage finances of a small company. By January 2010 we were up and running.
    Chuck Handy had a million-dollar idea: Inspired by his wife's complaints about the lack of plus-size swimwear, he'd start a company to fill that retail hole. He wanted it to be a family business. So he recruited his young son to occupy the vice president spot, his daughter to handle operations and his wife to chip in at nights when she wasn't teaching. Chuck, for his part, would act as both president and head of design.

    She supported her friend Kevin Hart as he received a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame in a sophisticated black dress earlier that day.
    But by night, Halle Berry turned up the heat in a much sexier number.
    The 50-year-old set hearts racing as she attended Saks Fifth Avenues celebration corset skirts sets ,
      of Key To The Cure in Beverly Hills on Monday in a seriously sexy outfit that emphasized her cleavage with its corset-style top.

    I mean, when was the last time you heard mighty Caesar, even given his many trials and tribulations, complain that he’s, “sweating like a kestrel”? Never, I’ll warrant. And that’s because, this particular simile (or is it a metaphor?) mangling perspiration with birds of prey is just one of many below the belt blows uniquely delivered to the Bard’s beautiful language by the hero/villain of our piece, Sir John Hotham of Hull, a man who likes to poop in the river off his own bridge. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the English Civil War as they never, ever taught it at school.

    Hewn from the same bloated oak as Will Shakespeare’s Falstaff and corsets wholesale splendidly played with maximum gusto by Mark Addy, Hotham is a blustering rogue intent on securing a couple of grand to dowry out his daughter Frances, a demented flapper played on the perpetual verge of orgasm by the brilliantly dippy Sarah Middleton.