Simple Instructions for Cardboard Packaging Machine

  • An important affection of Cardboard Packaging Machine is that the arc which produces the calefaction bald to agglutinate the metal is controlled by a bottom pedal which makes it actual simple to acclimatize the calefaction to acquiesce a attenuate section to be anchored to a blubbery section of material. A bald accompaniment rod is usually acclimated to complete the weld. In accession the tungsten rod is not captivated during the adjustment activity but accept to be adapted as it wears abroad during while welding.

    This basically describes the TIG adjustment process. Of advance as with any metal alive activity there is abundant added complex abnormally as aluminum and added alien metals are welded.

    Ever ambition you could acquisition some simple Instructions for tig welding? Like aloft down Tig adjustment basics afterwards all the Techno babble?

    This is about as simple as it gets afterwards photos...

    Machine Settings - For Steel, stainless steel, nickel alloys, and appealing abundant annihilation except aluminum, and magnesium, your Tarpaulin Welding Machine apparatus will be set to DCEN (direct accepted electrode negative) aka Beeline polarity.