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Celebration of ournation

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    June 18, 2017 11:27 PM PDT

    Reception of ournation Australia Day in Marulan is always a big excitement of our nation and the local committee has again organised a great day of activities. It's going to be held at Tony Onions Park, George casual, On thurs, The month of jan 26, Though using procession starting at 9am. Activities include mechanized bull rides, Water slides Tyrell Williams Jersey, Playing castle, Social sports, Face conserving and even morning tea FREE! Wood cutting up, Scavenger search, Chocolate wheel and damper simulated are always a great attraction. Sam uses a wheelchair and has the incredible ability of taking a crowd on the journey of his life. It is also not too late to appoint(Via search of a email) Person for Citizen, Young person, Senior Citizen or Event of the season chargers color rush jersey. The full story about why you have nominated ought to be required. Hi there, VICKIEGoulburn Mulwaree Council's newest four wheeled icon is a brightly hued bus, 'Vickie', A mobile visitor records centre. Although geared towards tourists, The van also caters for town. Talking about buses, The Big Read Bus will next visit Marulan last month 9, 10 11am. It will visit Marulan Public, 9.30 10am on that many date. 1930s HISTORY From about 1929 so that the early 1930s, Australia and most of the planet was suffering economic depression. Banks d, The public had no work, Required, And little food. 'Swaggies' tramped the roads in order to do a job for homeowners, Simply a free meal. There was no dole or joblessness benefits, So 'relief work' was brought. Men worked for a week or two on local jobs specified by the council and were paid by the costa rica government. Married men received roughly the same as $3 for two weeks' work and single men received that amount for a month's work. A ballot was taken so as throughout favouritism. Nowadays, A letter was written to the council by the Marulan Progress correlation, Filing a complaint that Marulan jobs were being given to Goulburn men. Some projects was the clearing and building of Austin Street. JOBS line: Waiting at Marulan Police Station for offers of work the actual depression of 1930s. Image: Available LOCAL CLUBSThinking of joining the main service clubs in Marulan? If that's so Denzel Perryman Jersey, Call longshots Club president Marlene Skipper on 4841 1313 chargers color rush jersey. Members do whatever is useful in helping communities and everywhere they work they make friends. Or maybe you aspire to join the Country Women's Association, Which meets monthly at their rooms in George avenue, Marulan. Conversation Sue Montgomery on 4841 0288. The Marulan Garden Club has a most rewarding monthly meeting at the Uniting Church Hall, Or garden outings. Call 4841 0288 for more information. Sincerely fascinated about history? Then Marulan historic Society meetings and excursions are for you. Call us Russell Montgomery, 4841 0288. And if you are looking at craft, Do come with this to the Marulan Craft Shop any weekend, 10am 4pm. It can be heard at the front of the Marulan Hall, George neighborhood. RFS thx At times, Marulan's Rural Fire Service is able to enjoy an outing on their fire truck but without worrying about the worry of a bush fire, And this serive was much appreciated by kids of the area when the RFS performed their 'lolly run' on Christmas Eve. A big thanks a lot to them at this very busy time, Predominantly as the town and area is really growing.